Our Story

Welcome to Hope Springs Dairy. We are the Severson Family, Jeff, Lysa and nine beautiful children! 

Our family had been enjoying having backyard milk goats for years. We decided to start Hope Springs in 2013 because of a desire to share this goodness and serve our community by producing excellent quality raw milk. While we began our journey with raw goat's milk, we saw the need to offer raw cow's milk, also. We were personally drawn to raw milk after researching the health benefits of this super-food for our children. Because there is no processing involved, what our customers get is a product the way God intended - - - with all the yummy goodness and whole nutrients that our bodies crave!

We had another hope back in 2013.  We wanted to have a business that we could get behind 100%, and that would involve our entire family.  With just three young children at the time, we launched into the dairy business!  Our children have been learning a solid work-ethic since then, and we are proud of the future adults they are becoming.  If you come to the farm, you will see them learning well, playing hard, and choosing to work with our help and instruction.

Our Central Oregon community has been incredibly supportive, and we have continued to grow year after year!

"With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men."  Eph. 6:7